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Registration Information & Forms

Dear Parents:

Please see registration procedures and required documentation below.  All forms must be filled out and complete in order to be registered.

Registrations will be accepted, in order, on February 7th, 2022 @ 8:00 AM.  A registration package will not be considered complete and will not be processed unless all documentation has been signed and supporting documents provided.  Once all documents are provided, the child will be entered onto a waitlist; if documents have not been provided, the child's registration will not be entered onto a waitlist.   We do not have online registration at this time. Registration forms must be complete and accompanied by a copy of a recent report card, child's copy of a birth certificate or passport, child's care card, and parent's copy of a birth certificate/passport/citizenship card.  Proof of address required includes:  1) legal documentation eg: mortgage document/rental or lease agreement, property tax statement, property sale agreement, child tax credi or income tax assessment; and 2) utility bill, bank statement, credit card statement, recent T4, vehicle insurance, house insurance or MSP bill .  

January and February is the time of year when parents begin to look for a Middle School for their Grade 5 student. If you are interested in registering your child at ATMS, please read below:

  • Students from our two Feeder schools will automatically be registered at ATMS.  
  • In the last few years, ATMS has had an enrollment of approximately 12 divisions, or 360 students.  This makes ATMS the smallest middle school in the district, which offers a family feel and a strong sense of belonging.
  • The majority of our Grade 6 students come from our two feeder Elementary schools, King, and South Poplar. The remainder of our Grade 6 students come from schools through out Abbotsford and even eastern Aldergrove and Mission. We also occasionally have openings for Grades 7 and 8.  Please note, Auguston was previously considered one of our feeder schools, but is now part of the Bateman family of schools.  We do have Auguston students from year to year and the process for them to register is the same as is for non-feeder school students.  We anticipate 30-60 spaces for students new to Traditional education once the Traditional feeder school enrollment is confirmed.
  • If  a student is placed on a waitlist, we will call you when we have a seat for you.
  • All "New to Traditional" students who register at ATMS in February are put on waitlists. We have a "sibling" waitlist and a "non-sibling" waitlist, however in order to be added to the "Sibling" waitlist, we MUST receive your application on February 7, 2022.  Once we have confirmed the number of seats that are available, we will start to call families off of the waitlists.
  • The rules regarding what qualifies as a "sibling" have changed. Students who are wanting to attend ATMS and already have a brother or sister in ATMS are considered "Siblings" and are put on a priority waitlist. Students who do NOT have a sibling at ATMS have "non-sibling" status and are called when we have exhausted the "sibling" list.