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School Procedures

School Visitors

To help us maintain the security of the building and safety of the student, all visitors (including parents) are expected to check in at the school office immediately upon entering the school.

Please do not park in the spots designated "Office" or in the Fire Lane. There is ample parking in the back of the school.

Parents bringing items for their children during the school day are asked to come to the office. We will hold items for your child until the bell rings and page them to come and get it.

Abbotsford Traditional Middle School has a closed campus policy. This means that only students who attend ATMS are to be on the school grounds during the school day. It also means that students must remain on school grounds during regular school hours. Students being picked up throughout the day should be met in the school's office. For security reasons, a parent or guardian is required to "sign out" students leaving the campus.

Noon Hour Activities

During eating period, students may leave their class to get lunches from lockers or the Snak Shak. Otherwise, we expect them to sit in their classes to eat. During the activity time, students are expected to go outside so please provide your student with appropriate clothing for wet or cold weather. The library is often open for quiet study and reading.We also provide a study hall for students who have unfinished homework assignments or detentions. We also have a number of indoor activities available for our students in the event that the weather is inclement. Noonhour supervisors are hired to monitor student behaviour during the lunch period.

Injuries, Illnesses and the Medical Room

If a student is injured he/she or another student should report the accident immediately to a teacher or supervisor. Minor injuries will be looked after in the school office. Provision for injured or sick students will be made in the medical room until he/she feels better or the parent arrives.

When injuries are more serious, parents or the alternate contact will be notified immediately.
Should the student require immediate medical attention and the parent or contact is not available, 911 will be called. In a life threatening situation, 911 will be called immediately.

To reduce the risk to to other students, parents are asked to inform the school should their child have a communicable illness or life threatening medical condition. Please ensure contact information in the office is kept up to date.

School Phone Use

Students are allowed to use the office or classroom phones with the permission of staff. There is also a student phone in the hall outside ATSS in the event that the ATMS office is closed.

Student Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

We ask that students do not use their cell phones while on school property. If a student must have a cell phone or iPod with them for communication, we ask that they keep them in their backpacks, in their lockers for the day. Cell phones, iPods and any other electronic devices being used during the day will be confiscated and held at the office till the end of the day.

Lost and Found

Students are responsible for their belongings. All personal possessions including clothing, footwear, stationary, and books should be clearly labeled. The school will not be responsible for lost money, jewelry, or personal possessions. Students should not bring valuable items to school unless they are specifically requested by a teacher. A lost and found box is located near the school office, in the ATSS entrance and the ATSS PE office. The Lost and Found bin is cleaned out before Christmas break, Spring Break and at the end of the year. Unclaimed items are taken to a thrift store.