Dress Code Responsibility

At ATMS, our school has an established uniform dress code. We adhere to the School District expectations in regards to standards of cleanliness and dressing in an appropriate and safe manner. Clothing items that promote alcohol, drugs, inappropriate language, racism or are in poor taste are unacceptable wear for school. All students are expected to dress according to the school uniform as outlined in the ATMS Dress Code Requirements (see below). The rationale supported by parents and staff for our students to wear school uniforms includes:

  • To give students a strong sense of belonging to our unique school
  • To help develop a school focus and team spirit
  • To discourage competition based on clothing and to allow students to make friends based on personality and not socio-economic status
  • To have a safe and orderly environment in which our students are easily identified

The responsibility of adhering to our school’s dress code rests primarily with students and parents. Students who do not meet the dress code requirements will be asked to dress appropriately. Parents will also be notified with either a phone call home, a letter in the mail or a meeting with administration.

Our official Dress Code Supplier is Able Cresting is located at 31281 Wheel Avenue. You can contact them by phone (604-864-9728) or check out their website at www.ablecresting.com for more information.

General Expectations

The following points indicate general expectations of student attire at Abbotsford Traditional Middle School and at school sponsored activities either on-or-off campus:

  • Jackets, ‘hoodies’ and any non-uniform items should be removed during school hours and stored in lockers
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times when in the building, except in PE class
  • PE Strip and other T-shirts or sports pants/shorts are not appropriate clothing for "regular" classrooms
  • Dress and grooming must not create health or safety problems for the student or others who attend/work at the school. (e.g. Long hair tied back when in the shop, no ‘flip flop’ sandals in the shop or for PE class).
  • For extra-curricular events (e.g. Musical performances, Team sporting events, etc.) students are required to wear a Sabres school tie, upon teacher/coach request
  • Students are expected to purchase gym strip from the official school supplier.

Dress Code Restrictions

  • Clothing that is clearly revealing with any colored undergarments/tops with spaghetti straps of t-shirts beneath are unacceptable
  • Hats and sungalsses must not be worn inside the school
  • Capri pants, sweatpants, cargo pants, tear-away pants, jeans and tights/leggings are not permitted unless under a school skirt
  • No outerwear with offensive words, slogans or pictures