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News: Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

BYOD at Abbotsford Traditional Middle School

In 2015, Staples Canada partnered with Abbotsford Traditional Middle School (ATMS) to establish a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program that would put a Chromebook in the hands of every student at the school. With this powerful technology at their fingertips, both students and teachers flourished. 

Staff and Teachers at ATMS determined that technology was the road they wanted to go down to enhance learning opportunities and create expression for students. They researched a variety of options and found that the Chromebook would serve student needs best within a reasonable financial framework. Families at ATMS were polled and staff found that they had a surprisingly large percentage of parents/students who were interested in the program. The school looked and discussed several vender options in the area and were most impressed with everything that Staples Canada had to offer.

"Staples has been an amazing partner, far surpassing even our high expectations," noted James Klassen, Explorations (Tech/Design) Learning Support Services/ELL.

Over the course of the year, teachers developed an array of different lessons and ways to implement the strength of the chromebook, online options for research and demonstrations of learning. The first year of the BYOD program at Abbotsford Traditional was a huge success! Now, staff and teachers are continuosly looking forward to further development of the tool as they work towards full implementation of the new curriculum.

Special thanks to Staples Canada for their support with this program.

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