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Blog: Friday, November 20th, 2020

Principal's Message

Seismic meetings are underway at ATSS and ATMS.

For the past couple months, ATSS admin have been in meetings with the various contractors and stakeholders who are involved in the seismic upgrade of the combined school site.

May 1, 2021 is the target date for construction to begin.

As with many plans, the beginning of this plan might change, but at this point it appears that the front office area of ATSS will be first up for seismic. Likely in April, the entire ATSS office staff and counsellor will be heading to the middle school side so that the seismic upgrades can commence. The admin will operate out of the current middle office, and it looks like all the secretaries, will temporarily move to room W105. Eventually all the secretaries and admin will move to the "new" ATSS office area.

Another change from seismic will be the removal of the central ATSS wing. Both floors will be demolished and the result will be a much larger courtyard as seen from the front. This gives us some options with the front courtyard to consider -- more possible potential play spaces and possible sitting areas. While decisions about the courtyard are undecided, and will ultimately depend on the allotted money to the seismic project, for certain, our combined campus will look different.

It is an exciting time.... the long-awaited seismic upgrade is just around the corner.