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Blog: Thursday, October 5th, 2017

Keeping Kids Connected at Middle

Welcome back to another great year of “Progressive Education and Traditional Values” at Abbotsford Traditional Middle School. Aside from having an emphasis on strong academic achievement, ATMS is a School of Character Champion and has made it a goal this year to offer students the opportunity to build character through sports. Studies have shown that connecting students to extra-curricular athletics, clubs, and after school programs is a great way to establish meaningful relationships and foster a positive culture within the school. Furthermore, students are afforded the opportunity to build character, as well as athletic skills which will continue to aid them in their future endeavors. We have partnered with BC Bounce at ATMS to provide students with the opportunity to develop their basketball skills in the off-season by repetition and competition with other players within the region. As well as establishing a sense of belonging within the school, we are hopeful to inspire a culture of basketball and make ATMS a destination where students are running to attend! 

At ATMS, we continue to be invested in 1-1 Chromebooks, academics and athletics, Traditional values, progressive education, School of Character, critical thinking, creativity, & inspiration.

Vice-Principal & Principal, Abbotsford Traditional Middle School