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Blog: Thursday, February 15th, 2018

ATMS Recognition Ceremony

With the changing ways of reporting on student progress, we also look at the changing ways of recognizing the achievements of our students.

On January 26th, Abbotsford Traditional Middle School (ATMS) hosted our Term 1 Recognition Assembly to celebrate three key aspects of our successful school:

  1. Students of Character
  2. Effort Roll
  3. Participation

ATMS has adopted the same six Character Traits that the City of Abbotsford has adopted: Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Empathy, Courage, and Service. These traits are posted throughout the school and emphasized during assemblies. We use these terms when we talk to students about their behaviour choices and when we weave character conversation into the curriculum. 

During the assembly we called up a total of 39 students who were recognized as models of a particular character trait. Teachers phoned the recipients’ parents to invite them to the assembly, and took the time to personalize a congratulations “character card”, accompanied by a nice certificate.

We also called up a number of students to be recognized for their excellent work ethic in their courses. These students would have been given a “Good” for effort and made the ATMS Effort Roll list. Hard work transcends letter grades and descriptors such as “Fully Meeting” or “Not Yet Meeting,” and if a student tries their hardest, academic accomplishment and satisfaction will follow in school, and very likely in life in general. If every student could strive to make the Effort Roll, we would indeed be seeing our students thrive. Over 90% of ATMS students met the highest standard of “Good”, while less than 10% were either “Satisfactory” or “Unsatisfactory.” While we are aiming for 100% “Good,” 90% is certainly an achievement worth celebrating.

To recognize our students for their participation in our many sports teams and clubs, we asked students to stand during the assembly. It was awesome to see so many students who take an active role in their school and getting involved in activities that they enjoy. Whether they were part of the Cross Country team, one of our volleyball or basketball teams, participated in intramurals, or a club such as Parking Lot Crew, Office Helpers, or Robotics / Technology, many students have learned that participating in their school broadens connections with school and helps them realize that they are part of the positive culture at ATMS and that they really do belong in their middle school.

Vice-Principal, Abbotsford Traditional Middle School