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School Staff

Meet the Staff


Name Position Email
Reg Gabriel Principal reg.gabriel [at]
Mrs. Rebecca Toews Vice-Principal rebecca.toews [at]
Mr. Stan Wiebe Vice-Principal stan.wiebe [at]


Name Position Div Email
Cody Gibson Athletic Director cody.gibson [at]
Jessica Solomtenko Explorations-Art jessica.solomatenko [at]
Jason Labrecque Explorations-Foods jason.labrecque [at]
Daniel Spiers Explorations-Metalwork & Woodwork daniel.spiers [at]
Joy Falk Explorations-Music & Drama & Band joy.falk [at]
Rajan Phulka Gr. 6 A16 rajan.phulka [at]
Cora Sharma Gr. 6 A26 cora.sharma [at]
Mireille Strafford Gr. 6 B26 mireille.strafford [at]
Anderson Wiebe Gr. 6 B16 anderson.wiebe [at]
Josh Lockington Gr. 7 D17 josh.lockington [at]
Kevin Loong Gr. 7 C27 kevin.loong [at]
Kaija Sickels Gr. 7 D27 kaija.sickels [at]
Kyla Wasylycia Gr. 7 C17 kyla.wasylycia [at]
Julie Wilms Gr. 7 C17 julie.wilms [at]
Jeff Dunton Gr. 8 D28 jeff.dunton [at]
Renee Fox Gr. 8 E18 [at]
Tom Heller Gr. 8 E28 tom.heller
David Hickey Gr. 8 E18 david.hickey [at]
Manu Verma Language Interpreter manu.verma [at]
Harinder Thathar Learning Support Services Teacher harinder.thathar [at]
Brenda Mallory Library Learning Commons Teacher brenda.mallory [at]


Name Position Email
Colin Abernethy Counsellor colin.abernethy [at]

Support Staff:

Name Position Email
Heather Mielke Accounting and Finance heather.mielke [at]
Kendall Jones Administrative Assistant kendall.jones [at]
Kanti Panchawala Custodian kanti.panchawala [at]
Winnie Patrisio Custodian winnie.patrisio [at]
Rajinder Saini Custodian rajinder.saini [at]
Payal Arora Educational Assistant payal.arora [at]
Jasmine Malhi Educational Assistant jasmine.malhi [at]
Tiffani Smith Library Technician tiffani.smith [at]
TBA . Youth Care Worker